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The HBV DNA polymerase inhibitor entecavir has recently evolved as first line treatment predominantly because the development of virus strains resistant to entecavir is low compared to other antiviral agents.
Previous studies identified a nucleoside phosphonate DNA polymerase inhibitor, cidofovir (Vistide), as being active against poxviruses, including variola.
The market scenario is expected to change with the launch of new therapies, such as tissue factor (TF) antagonists, CD modulators, p38 kinase inhibitors and DNA polymerase inhibitors.
Presently, the therapeutic regimen for herpes simplex is dominated by a range of DNA polymerase inhibitors which include Zovirax, Famvir, Valtrex, Denavir and OTC (Over-the-Counter) products such as Abreva and Aviralex.