DNA Clock

The use of DNA hybridisation studies to infer relatedness of organisms, and points of evolutionary divergence from each other
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21 ( ANI ): Scientists have developed a biological DNA clock and are hoping to use it to slow ageing and fight cancer.
The DNA clock compares biological "age" of body tissue to a person's age in years, the Mirror reported.
for Makkah Holy Harram, as well as the DNA Clock at the University of Dammam
There have been many challenges; for example, reports of complex life in pre-Snowball times, and "DNA Clock" experiments that initially suggested a more ancient origin of complexity.
The DNA clock they used worked well in their research because bird species are closely related taxa.
Moreover, the rates of DNA clocks based on different cellular sources of DNA can differ within the same organisms.
The ends of the chromosomes called "telomeres"-which are important for the genetic stability of the cell and they act as a DNA clock that measures the age of the cell-become shorter each time a cell divides, due to which the cell stops dividing and dies.