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carbon monoxide diffusing capacity

A clinical test which provides an objective measure of lung function. It reflects the lung's ability to take up an inhaled nonreactive test gas—e.g., carbon monoxide (CO)—which binds to haemoglobin with such a high affinity that virtually all of the CO reaches the alveolar space. The CO crosses the alveolar air-blood barrier, reaching the red cells, binds to haemoglobin and is removed with the exhaled gas.


diffusion capacity of the lung.


diffusing capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide.
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Un estudio reciente mostro que una desaturacion mayor de 4% durante la caminata de seis minutos tiene una correlacion de 0,78 con una DLCO baja (19).
Its EasyOne[R] and EasyOne Pro[R] portable instruments take up just 12 square inches of space to take lung function testing wherever it is needed, measuring DLCO, FRC, LCI, lung volumes and spirometry.
Outros testes de funcao pulmonar como a medida da DLCO e a medida dos volumes pulmonares estaticos nao sao necessarios rotineiramente.
14) There was an abnormal DLCO test suggestive of COPD in October 2008, but the evaluating physician noted that the value was "questionable.
Those with a moderate or severe reduction in DLCO (that is, less than 61% of the predicted value) should undergo thin-slice CT and referral to a pulmonologist for further management.
Patients with early emphysema typically have normal levels of inhalation and exhalation, but exhibit low DLCO.
12) DLCO (% pred) 55 (14) 54 (14) 6 minute walk distance 72 (11) 65 (12) (% pred) Characteristic Lost to follow-up (n = 4) Walk (n = 1) Cycle (n = 3) Age (yr) 66 (0) 79 (6) Gender, n females (%) 0 (0) 2 (67) Body Mass Index (kg/[m.
In multivariate regression models, 6MWT distance, self-report of being disabled, UCSD SOBQ total score, 6MWT Borg, age, and DLCO percent predicted were significant determinants of PCS score (model [R.
71 Ref Pre Pre Post Post Meas % Ref Cl Meas % Ref DLCO mL/mmHg/min 35.
In ILD, these two parameters tend to decline in parallel, whereas in isolated PAH, the DLCO shows a disproportionate decline.
DLCO or diffusion level of carbon monoxide is a test done in the pulmonary function laboratory.