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DLF Group, one of the largest real estate developers in India, took up King's Court as a prestigious venture in the national capital.
In a late-night regulatory filing, DLF yesterday said subsequent to fulfilment of all conditions precedent specified in the agreement, the sale and purchase of the securities and other closing actions were completed on December 26.
The DLF community will benefit immensely from intellectual and technical exchange with experts at QNL, and joint projects like the Digital Library of the Middle East (DLME) will provide an opportunity for meaningful collaboration in service to our common goals.
DLF Seeds is a seed company dealing in forage and turf seeds, and other crops.
DLF, south city and Sushant Lok are not in Huda's priority list and hence there is an erratic water supply in summers.
Although the birth of the DLF in January 2014 initially renewed hopes that leftist forces might unify in Morocco, this alliance may have been intended to differentiate these political forces from the Democratic Way and its positions, which the DLF views as nihilist.
Those who have already invested in DLF properties will have to face construction delays, says Kapoor.
DLF has provided space for putting up stalls of Oxfam in front of all the buildings free of cost.
Swamy earlier alleged that the 22-acre site was sold off to DLF by Keventers for much less than the market rate.
DLF, which builds offices, homes and shopping malls, had a debt of 217bn rupees at the end of March.
CEO, DLF Foundation said- "DLF Foundation has awarded 367 school scholarships to students in Class I-XII and 93 professional scholarships at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
He has solid DLF form-figures of 38-35-16 and is well suited to the venue.