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Disability Information Service Surrey 
Disability Information Service of Sussex
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Diameter Index Safety System



A set of engineering standards preventing users of compressed gases from linking pressurized gas holding tanks to the wrong hoses or tubing. The standards designate specific-sized connectors for each different medical gas. The system is designed to prevent delivering room air or nitrogen to a patient in need of oxygen therapy.


Whenever gases, e.g., anesthetics, nebulized medications, or oxygen, are administered to patients, the identity of the source gas, and the required flow rates or concentrations should be verified and monitored.
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As we explained earlier, components are connected with the SSB based CPCS by their DISs. When a component joins in the SSB-based CPCS, at first it needs a DIS so that it can communicate with other components of the system.
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This kind of diss is what's known as passive-aggressive--a comment that appears way innocent but makes a stinging point.
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Test scores from PDT and DISS should reflect this phenomenon.
A t-statistic was computed between the DISS mean scores for the Canadian and United States high schools as depicted in Table 1 below.
Diss - with assets valued at around pounds 560,000 - has been trading since 1973.
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To iron out perceptions of misappropriation of funds by the organisation, which by nature is highly secretive, Director Magosi said he had requested for the services of Auditor General to audit the DISS, which has never been audited since its inception, to ensure effective service delivery.
He revealed that after learning about the diss track, he called Drake and told him he should stand down.
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