distal interphalangeal joints

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dis·tal in·ter·pha·lan·ge·al joints (DIP),

the synovial joints between the middle and distal phalanges of the fingers and of the toes.
Synonym(s): DIP joints

dis·tal in·ter·pha·lan·ge·al joints

(DIP) (dis'tăl in'tĕr-fă-lan'jē-ăl joynts)
The synovial joints between the middle and distal phalanges of the fingers and of the toes.
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Physical exam revealed a nodular prominence, with mild tenderness, in the area of her PIP and DIP joints of the right hand (Figure 4).
All operated fingers were immobilized using single finger splints and passive range of motions (ROM) of the DIP joints were started on postoperative day 2.
But after excision of affected middle phalanx of right ring finger followed by iliac bone grafting and arthrodesis of PIP and DIP joints, she has been found disease free for last six years.
He had painful swellings with functional impairment in the DIP joints for seven to eight months after which the deformities started to develop.
To evaluate the range of flexion of the DIP joints and to quantify the resistance to adhesion formation after the repair of the profundus tendons, measurements of the friction force between the FDS and FDP were made by applying a load (N) to the FDP tendon while measuring the displacement between FDS and FDP.
The Bebionic and Bebionic v2 are the only hands that allow for compliance in both the MCP and DIP joints. Although they are rigidly coupled to each other, the actuator is connected to the proximal link through a pinned slot.
A single DoF (flexion/extension) characterizes the MCP and IP joints of the thumb as well as the PIP and DIP joints of the fingers.
Others18,22 were able to cover DIP joints by exteriorising the flap pedicle and extension of wrist.
(5) A typical patient will present with stiff, swollen and tender DIP joints, in an asymmetric fashion.
* Part of primary generalised osteoarthritis (OA) with Heberden's nodes of DIP joints