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Dirbtiniu neuronu tinklo itakai DGT sekimui istirti naudojamas ankstesniuose tyrimuose sudarytas matematinis saules jegaines modelis (Vasarevicius, Pikutis 2012), kuris yra papildytas dirbtiniu neuronu tinklo bloku.
The increased: range of different products, from films to paper to be run on the same press is a direct result of web tension improvement offered with our new DGT 300 controllers.
The P concentration in the eluted solution was converted to a DGT measured concentration (CDGT)--hereafter referred to as DGT P--as described by Zhang and Davison (1995) where CDGT is the time-averaged concentration of P in soil solution at the surface of the DGT device.
Like the DGT the Bill is designed to speed up developments and free up the housing market.
People everywhere can learn from this that databases can and do provide powerful insights to government organizations, like DGT, resulting in more intelligent decisions that improve circumstances and save human lives.
Back in 2007, the company was involved in the rollout of this pioneering center that has enabled the DGT to improve services for citizens and offer an agile and efficient response to legal requirements concerning the processing of traffic fines.
The DGT 300 digital web-tension controller has eliminated the need for dining potentiometers or setting DIP switches, and is fully equipped with user-friendly Windows'^'-based software that can be downloaded to any laptop or PC.
This will provide the DGT detailed intelligence about the national road network to guide decisions in near real time with regard to road safety and traffic incidents.
DS SeqStore will allow DGT to deploy data and information more effectively to its pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers.
MONTREAL -- Diversified Investment Grade Income Trust, Series 1 ("DIGIT") (TSX: DGT.
The DGT has ambitious plans for the development of an ISDN infrastructure in China.
DGT) today announced that Immunex has obtained an experimentation license for the first molecule from DGT.