DES daughter

DES daugh·ter

The daughter of a woman who received diethylstilbestrol (DES) during pregnancy; DES daughters are at risk of deformity, adenosis, and other epithelial changes of the vagina and cervix, including clear cell adenocarcinoma.
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And several events occurred outside of the formal sessions, such as the performance in a hotel room of a one-woman play written by a DES daughter.
Patti Negri, a 46-year-old Hollywood resident and DES daughter, entered a menopausal state at age 15 and was unable to have children.
Anyone who saw A Healthy Baby Girl already knows Helfand's family; her first film was a personal saga about the cancer she survived as a DES daughter.
A DES daughter activist, she has written a documentary, "Wonder Drug" about the DES fallout.
She was co-counsel in the first DES daughter case, Bichler v Lilly, and has written, testified and lectured about obstetrical malpractice, unnecessary hysterectomies and product liability litigation.
A DES daughter has a one in 1,000 risk of developing clear cell carcinoma, about 40 times that of a non-exposed women.
When McCarthy discovered in 2005 that she had been exposed to the drug in utero, she researched DES and its potential ramifications which include a rare vaginal cancer in DES daughters, and an increase in the risk of breast cancer in DES daughters and testicular cancer in DES sons.
1) Unfortunately, DES not only did not work to prevent miscarriage, but it also caused severe medical problems for both the women who took the drug and their children who were exposed to the drug in utero, who are known as DES Daughters and DES Sons.
Researchers have also found that DES daughters are 40 times more likely to develop cancer of the vagina and cervix than women who were not exposed to the drug.
1980), reporting that DES daughters had elevated levels of serum testosterone (Wu et al.
When cancer was eventually found in DES daughters, it was clear that the animal studies did in fact predict these cancerous changes much earlier.
DES daughters may have fertility and pregnancy problems and should be checked for rare cancers, called clear cell adenomas, of the cervix and vagina.