Doppler Endpoints Balloon Angioplasty Trial Europe. A trial evaluating Doppler flow velocity as a predictor of outcome after balloon angioplasty
Primary endpoints Angina at 1 and 6 months
Conclusion CFR with DS after percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) is predictive of angina, TVR and angiographic restenosis at 6 months, and may help identify patients undergoing PTCA who would benefit from stenting
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The serious parts of the discussion had been of higher merit than the playful--in a men's debate is the reverse more general?
An important debate is finally starting to take place in the US about what can and should be done to achieve an Arab-Israeli peace settlement, but this debate has yet to fully include a discussion of the consequences of Washington's own policies and the influence of pro-Israel forces in the State Department and throughout the US political system.
The latter problem is also interesting since an important assumption in the mandated health-care debate is that "managed competition" will (eventually) reduce the cost to employers of health-care premiums.