Voss, D.E.

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Knott-Voss method of exercise - Synonym(s): Kabat method of exercise
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The slate includes Fellow Travelers by Gregory Spears and Greg Pierce, Acquanetta from Michael Gordon and Deborah Artman (directed by Daniel Fish), and The Echo Drift from Mikael Karlsson, Elle Kunnos de Voss, and Kathryn Walat.
Dr Hans Wohlmuth (1,2), Dr David Leach (1,3), Dr Ken McGrath (4), Mr Peter Mouatt (5), Prof Kerry Bone (1), Prof James De Voss (2)
De Voss points out in an article in The National, a two-way Fujairah-Abu Dhabi-Fujairah cab fare would amount to about 800AED.
Dentre os modelos desenvolvidos pelos autores pesquisados, optou-se pelo modelo de Voss apresentado por Barros Neto (1999) que ficou proximo a realidade do padrao revelado no decorrer da revisao de literatura.
In mammals, (CYP450) are responsible for the oxidative metabolism of endogenous and exogenous products (Ortiz de Montellano and De Voss 2002).
Lennie Lawrence could move for Sheffield United's Welsh star Robert Page after losing out to Ipswich in the chase for Wigan's Jason de Voss.
Returning to Zagreb after Marshall Tito's seizure of power, Sulich trains at the National Theatre, wrangles a scholarship and visa for the United Kingdom, trains at the Audrey de Voss School, and joins a touring troupe organized by John Cranko.
Por otra parte, el Liber Chronicarum, Cronica de Nuremberg o Historia del Mundo, de Hartmann Schedel, con grabados de Wolgemuth y Pleydenwurff, obra impresionante editada en 1493, a un ano del primer viaje de Colon (que ofrece la monumental vision medieval sobre la historia del hombre, desde sus origenes teologicos hasta la fecha en que fue escrita, y que concluye con el inevitable futuro apocaliptico que le esta reservado), presenta una nota manuscrita que, segun Armando Mauricio Escobar Olmedo, corresponde aparentemente al famoso humanista holandes Vossius o Gherard de Voss.
Jason De Voss and Arjan De Zeeuw both scored - two heads on sticks who are both outstanding in the air.
Wigan had plenty of possession, but created few chances and the closest they came to scoring was a Jason De Voss header that was cleared off the line.
Dr Hans Wohlmuth (1,2), Dr David Leach (1,3), Dr Iftekhar Ahmed (2), Prof James De Voss (2), Prof Kerry Bone1