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a platinum coordination compound whose main mode of action resembles that of alkylating agents with production of cross links between the two strands of DNA in the double helix so that DNA cannot be replicated and the cells cannot divide. It is used as an antineoplastic agent in the treatment of metastatic tumors of the testis, ovary, bladder, and head and neck. It can cause serious damage to the kidney, eighth cranial nerve, gastrointestinal tract, and bone marrow, can upset metabolic processes, and can produce hypocalcemia and hypomagnesemia. Called also DDP or cis-DDP.
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Notation for the gene for DFN1.
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Mohr-Tranebjaerg syndrome

An autosomal recessive neurodegenerative syndrome (OMIM:304700) characterised by postlingual progressive sensorineural deafness as the first presenting symptom in early childhood, followed by progressive dystonia, spasticity, dysphagia, mental deterioration and cortical blindness.

Molecular pathology
Defects of TIMM8A, which encodes a translocase, cause Mohr-Tranebjaerg syndrome.
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Q. Is pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) or autism is fatal……what exactly it is……?

A. Autism is not fatal in its symptom and progression but it can become fatal as it does impair normal physiological function it CAN BE a fatal condition. It’s a group of illness which involves delays in the development of basic skills. It happens to children below age 3. It affects the child`s ability to communicate and interact. Autism affected children are also found to be mentally retarded.

Q. I was at my colleague's home and one of his kids kept talking to herself he said that she has PDD. i later asked my wife about it and she said she thinks it's a type of autism. but other than talking to herself the girl seemed perfectly normal. so is PDD a light version of autism?

A. I didn't really understand everything in this web page, but I think I get the big picture. Thanx

Q. What resources are available in Seattle, Washington to help with an autistic child?

A. i miss Seattle... here is a link to "Autism Spectrum Treatment and Research (ASTAR) Center". a well know establishment:


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To investigate the mechanism basis of curcumin as a chemosensitizer in lung cancer, we examined curcumin's effects on HIF-1[alpha] in cis-platin (DDP) sensitive A549 and resistant A549/DDP cell lines by RT-PCR and Western blot.