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Above all, the DDM of gas transport pipeline projects is established as follows:
(10-13) Methylphenidate was selected because of its favorable adverse effect profile and potentially rapid onset of action in DDM. (10-13) In cases where oral medication cannot be administered, such as in patients with akinetic mutism, short-term adjunctive IM olanzapine may be helpful, although it is not a first-line treatment.
We decided to use ANN due to their good capability to learn nonlinear relations and due to the parallel and straightforward execution structure that facilitates the implementation of the derived DDM into traditional power system simulation software, in addition to real-time execution.
Different reaction kinetics is related to different functionalities of the reagents (DDM is tetrafunctional and PA is difunctional), which results in a higher cross-link density and a more rigid network cured with DDM.
Intended for dancers and non-dancers alike, DDM includes three key components: sculpt, cardio and style.
DDM is an automated, daily cash sweep solution that enables investors to achieve millions of dollars in FDIC insurance while maintaining daily liquidity.
Because BeiDou GEO satellites are almost stationary relative to Earth, they cannot use relative motion to produce Doppler frequency shift of DDM and are not considered in simulation experiments.
To observe osteoinduction efficiency in vitro, 40,000 cells per well were cultured with 0.8 g of HA-TCP (0.5-1 mm, Q-Oss+, OSSTEM Implant) or DDM (0.5-1 mm, Korea Tooth Bank, Korea) in a hanging insert cell culture dish (SPL Life Sciences).
"Capable of developing 35 kW/47 hp at 3000 rpm, the water-cooled Acura DDM unit, connected directly to the crank-shaft, provides Tesla-like acceleration but also doubles as the starter motor and charges the lithium-ion batteries.
He said, in this context in June 2015 LHC gave a verdict to increase the salaries and give other benefits but this order has also been ignored by DDM and other high ups.
Swedish investor and distressed asset manager DDM Holding AG has finalised the acquisition of Hungarian leasing company Lombard PA(c)nzA1/4gyi A(c)s LA-zing Rt., the company said.
A second source of inspiration for the economics literature is the drift diffusion model (DDM) introduced by Ratcliff (1978), which maps the gradual accretion of evidence up to a decision-inducing threshold.