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Abbreviation for Doctor of Surgery (Doctor Chirurgiae).


Abbreviation for:
delayed cutaneous hypersensitivity
Diploma in Child Health, see there


Abbrev. for Doctor of Surgery.


abbrev. for Diploma in Child Health.
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He opened an American subsidiary, DCH (USA), in 1948 and it became an automotive dealer in 1977.
DCH Lexus of Santa Barbara is a certified Lexus dealership serving the communities of Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and the Santa Ynez Valley.
This is a great honor for DCH Auto Group and these four dealerships," said George Liang, President of DCH Auto Group.
Entering the first full year with our new management team in place, we are confident that 2002 will be a year of significant achievement,'' said John Donohue, DCH president and chief executive officer.
We are excited about our new partnership with DCH," said Dennis White, CEO of GMCF.
This combination develops a metro market strategy for west coast based Lithia, as the DCH stores are located in the greater metropolitan areas of New York and Los Angeles.
This was a very important step for us to have a third party say that the sensor does everything we say it does,'' said Michael Kotwick, DCH vice president of communications.
Parlance worked with DCH resources to develop customized Operator Assistant applications to improve service levels to callers and reduce operator call load.
DCH will deliver the three hydrogen fuel cells - each the size of a standard home air conditioner - by October 2002.
Factoring is cost effective, easy and enables us to move quickly on new business," says DCH founder Dennis Hauser Jr.
DCH Honda of Mission Valley is a wonderful addition to the DCH family of dealerships," said Shau-wai Lam, Chairman of DCH Auto Group.
March 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- DCH Auto Group announced today that it has acquired Honda of Nanuet located in Nanuet, New York.