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We used a commercially available negative DCAD diet "NutriCABA(r)".
Si bien el concepto de DACD y su uso en establos lecheros de alta produccion han sido documentados a nivel mundial, en el Peru no existen evaluaciones que indiquen el estatus actual de DCAD dietario ni su posible relacion con el pH urinario.
The choice of the set composition was influenced by our interest in obtaining a wide range of mineral concentrations and DCAD values.
Therefore, what the DCAD and EB are addressing is the effect that the dietary minerals are having on blood pH.
The cows were fed a diet that had a DCAD value (Na+K-Cl - S, mEq/kg dry matter) of -71 obtained by the supplementation of 160 g/d of magnesium sulfate (MgSO4.
In addition, manipulating DCAD might benefit lactating dairy cows immediately after calving to about 50 d postpartum (Chan et al.
Research on lactating animals showed that DCAD can be used as a tool to check the acid base status of the animals within desirable range and ultimately to get the optimum milk production (Tucker et al.
The companion application to this text calculates the DCAD in sheep rations.
DCAD Plus Feed Grade Potassium Carbonate can be used effectively to keep cows from cooking this summer.
Four DCAD diets were randomly allotted to four groups, with ten lambs in each group.