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(1) DAD. An acronym for

Diffuse alveolar damage (most commonly)
Depression after delivery—obstetrics (more commonly called post-partum blues)
Dispense as directed—pharmacology

(2) Dad

Cell biology Daughters Against Decapentaplegic. A Drosophila gene that encodes a SMAD that inhibits intracellular signalling by members of the TGF- superfamily. Dad also blocks hetero-oligomerisation and nuclear translocation of Mad—Mothers against decapentaplegic
Vox populi A short form for father


Diffuse alveolar damage, see there.

Patient discussion about Dad

Q. It will be fine for my dad to take calcium as extra supplement; It will be fine for my dad to take calcium as extra supplement; as his bones are getting weak…. How much calcium intake is necessary for him?

A. Older men need more calcium, because, as they age, the body becomes less efficient at absorbing calcium and other nutrients. Intake amount can’t be judged without age and weight and other body conditions are known. Please don’t give supplements without doctor’s prescription as the chances of overdose are more problematic.

Q. my dad is bipolar II and he was on lithium and clonazepam which had put his mania under control.. hi all…… my dad is bipolar II and he was on lithium and clonazepam which had put his mania under control, but he sleeps a lot, as he finds his sleep refreshing him; which is due to medicine. On stopping the medicines his insomnia like condition starts and so now he takes his doses in excess to sleep…..we were told not to stop on these medicines……is it all right?

A. Over dose of lithium would have serious side effects and especially when the condition demands to have them life long. And if your dad is sleeping a lot, which might be due the intake of clonezepam, which does actually treats insomnia but lithium is used to control his mania. So I feel he can increase on dose of clonezepam, but that too, when his doctor agrees

Q. My dad is having diabetes for the past 4 years. Can Chinese medicines cure diabetes? My dad is having diabetes for the past 4 years. He keeps it well managed by avoiding sweet and excess carbohydrate intake. But sometimes he becomes crazy to eat sweets and then junks his blood with glucose. We can see his risen blood glucose readings the very next day. I know Chinese medicines are natural. So I think using them will be a better option to control on his diabetes. Can Chinese medicines cure diabetes?

A. It`s a better option as they are natural and have no side effects. But it’s difficult to say that it cures or not. But it definitely helps to lower blood glucose. You dad is keeping his blood sugar in good control with right diet and exercise and I feel that with Chinese herbal medicine he can control it much better.

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