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a unit of relative power intensity equal to one tenth of a bel, used for electric or acoustic power measurements; one decibel equals approximately the smallest difference in acoustic power the human ear can detect and an increase of 10 decibels approximately doubles the loudness of a sound. Abbreviated dB or db.
 Examples of decibel levels in everyday situations. From Frazier et al., 1996.


Abbreviation for dubnium.


, db
Abbreviation for decibel.


Abbreviation for:
database (Medspeak-UK)
date of birth (Medspeak-UK)
decidua basalis
deep breath
demineralised bone
dense body
dextran blue
diet beverage
direct bilirubin
disruptive behaviour
DNA binding
dot blot
double blind
downstream box
duodenal bulb


Abbreviation for decibel.


Abbreviation for decibel.
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ERNI has launched a design for angled D-Sub connectors in pressfit technology.
Measuring 4.25" X 3.7", the ICM-20105 segments the DMC-21 x3's 96-pin connector into D-sub connectors for easy interface to external amplifiers and I/O devices.
Limited Tenders are invited for D-Sub Connectors , For Details, Visit Our Website, Eprocure.Isro.Gov.In
The metal-shielded enclosure features EMI protection for high-accuracy measurement and BNC or D-Sub connectors for access via the front panel to all measurement I/O functions.
All FCT D-Sub connectors, including standard, SMT, THT, crimp, and dualport versions, are available in various combinations of materials and platings.
Phoenix Contact offers a line of field-wire D-SUB connectors for Profibus applications.
By stocking NorComp in Europe we can now supply these highly demanded D-Sub connectors at the right price with a very quick delivery.