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a unit of relative power intensity equal to one tenth of a bel, used for electric or acoustic power measurements; one decibel equals approximately the smallest difference in acoustic power the human ear can detect and an increase of 10 decibels approximately doubles the loudness of a sound. Abbreviated dB or db.
 Examples of decibel levels in everyday situations. From Frazier et al., 1996.
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Abbreviation for dubnium.


, db
Abbreviation for decibel.
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Abbreviation for:
database (Medspeak-UK)
date of birth (Medspeak-UK)
decidua basalis
deep breath
demineralised bone
dense body
dextran blue
diet beverage
direct bilirubin
disruptive behaviour
DNA binding
dot blot
double blind
downstream box
duodenal bulb
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Abbreviation for decibel.
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Abbreviation for decibel.
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ERNI has launched a design for angled D-Sub connectors in pressfit technology.
Measuring 4.25" X 3.7", the ICM-20105 segments the DMC-21 x3's 96-pin connector into D-sub connectors for easy interface to external amplifiers and I/O devices.
The metal-shielded enclosure features EMI protection for high-accuracy measurement and BNC or D-Sub connectors for access via the front panel to all measurement I/O functions.
Phoenix Contact offers a line of field-wire D-SUB connectors for Profibus applications.