Jean H.A., French physician, 1846-1930. See: d'Espine sign.
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El llamado a la supresion de los campos de propaganda estaba firmado por Naville y D'Espine. El Comite protestaba publicamente contra el intento de forzar a los prisioneros de abjurar de la propia bandera, del juramento de lealtad que habian hecho en su pais y, sobre todo, contra el castigo que se infligia a quien se negaba a hacerlo.
169, 30 de junio de 1917, firmada por los vicepresidentes Adolphe D'Espine y Edouard Naville, en Bulletin [ver n.
In Yvain: "vilains," "grans," "hideus," "laide creature," "vis plat," "barbe noire" (286-307) 'villian, big, hideous, ugly creature, flat faced, black beard.' In the Roman: "vilains," "grans," "noirs," "nes froncie," "vis hideus" (2920-24) 'villain, big, black, squeezed nose, hideous face.' Both characters are associated with the big stick they carry--Yvain: "une grant machue" (291); Roman: "un baston d'espine" (3157).
These laces, like the other components of their spectacular arrival, will find themselves redoubled and intensified once the damsels have led Lanval to their lady, the fairy, who is reclining in a pavilion wearing only her shift and a purple-and-ermine mantle, which nonetheless leaves much of her exposed: "A costly mantle of white ermine, covered with Alexandrian purple, she had thrown over herself to keep warm; her sides were completely uncovered, as were her face, her neck, and her chest: she was whiter than the hawthorn" ["Un chier mantel de blanc hermine, / covert de purpre Alexandrine, / ot pur le chalt sur li gete; / tut ot descovert le coste, / le vis, le col e le peitrine: / plus ert blanche que flurs d'espine"] (101-6).