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Vincenz, German surgeon, 1842-1916. See: Czerny suture, Czerny-Lembert suture.
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Investigaciones y opiniones sobre las causas del subdesarrollo se caracterizan por enfoques extremadamente amplios, complejos y multidimensionales (Czerny, 2013).
Czerny said the church's role is to "teach abstinence and fidelity, in season and out," while also recognizing that it's up to the individual to determine whether use of a condom might sometimes be "a step in a movement towards a different way, a more human way, of living sexuality."
CHOICES OF THE HEART: THE MARGARET SANGER STORY (0788606840) features Dana Delany, Rod Steiger and Henry Czerny in a tripping account set in 1914 in New York, when moral crusaders against obscenity confront a nurse working in New York's poorest neighborhoods.
"The micro hydrogen bike lights have delivered exceptional performance in both winter and spring conditions," said Angstrom technology demonstration coordinator Annalise Czerny. "User feedback on lighting, refueling and overall ease of use has been unanimously positive."
Choice selections (Borodin, Czerny, Mendelssohn, etc., as well as original improvisations) are delivered with plenty of romantic phrasing and dynamics.
This gave rise to the phenomenally successful piano teaching industry, at the apex of which sat Carl Czerny.
YAMHILL - Megan Czerny won the 3,000 meters win 11:16.00 and teammate Diana Shenberger was third to help Philomath to an early district-meet lead with 32 points, ahead of Taft (29), Newport (29) and Tillamook (27).
Delroy Lindo plays Matthew Henson, valet then assistant to Arctic explorer Robert E Peary (Henry Czerny).
Among the other composers he invited to contribute were Czerny, Weber, Mendelssohn, Ries, Kuhlau, Spohr and Hummel.
(Among his students was Theodor Leschetitzky, who taught one of my teachers, Mieczyslaw Horszowski, who died in 1993 at over 100 years of age - so only two "degrees of separation" lie between myself and Czerny!) Then, at the age of 51, Vienna's most prominent teacher had become such a successful composer that he stopped teaching in order to devote himself entirely to writing music.
He had neither Beethoven's talent for self-promotion, Hummel's popularity as a performer, nor Carl Czerny's reputation as a teacher, and therefore he was excluded from the performance tutors as well.
It could well serve as a kind of Czerny exercise book for training students in distinguishing wheat from chaff.