Friedrich J.F., Czechoslovak botanist, 1868-1921. See: Czapek solution agar, Czapek-Dox medium.
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Czapek , a watch brand that achieved considerable success in the nineteenth century, has been revived and is launching with a distinctive timepiece and an innovative sharing strategy to attract watch lovers.
Penicillium nigricans is as ineffectual in submerged culture as other penitrem-producing penicillia when grown in a Czapek Dox yeast extract medium, but the present report demonstrates that it is sensitive to the sporulation-inducing effect of calcium chloride and concomitantly in submerged culture elaborates penitrems A, C and E (15,19, and 17) in significant yield.
The Carbon source of the medium Czapek the Saccahrose was substituted by five sugars (glucose, dissacharides, lactose, Fructose, Maltose, and Starch), two alcools (Glycerol, Mannitol) and as acid(citric acid).
The fungal stock cultures were maintained in Czapek Dox Broth containing mineral salt solution of [NH.
For the identification of Aspergillus isolates to species level, three point inoculation technique was performed on three differential media; MEA, Czapek yeast extract agar (CYA), and Czapek Yeast Extract agar supplemented with 20% sucrose (CY20S) all prepared according to the recipes described by Klich and Pitt [24].
The highlight of the auction is the The Ostrich Fan Watch - Emperor Napoleon III Presentation Czapek & Cie, Place Vendome 23 (Paris), No.
In the 1830s Antoine Norbert de Patek de Prawdzic and the master watchmaker, Franciszek Czapek set about establishing a company to make only the finest time-keepers.
Czapek (1909) observed that, in Entada polystachya (Mimosaceae), the tendrils develop from leaf petioles, and older tendrils, which did not find a support, subsequently develop into normal leaves.
Acremonium strictum, Aspergillus terreus, Chaetomium globosum, Cladosporium sphaerospermum, Emericella nidulans, Eericella violacea, Epicoccum nigrum, Eurotium rubrum, Humicola grisea, Penicillium citrinum, Penicillium crustosum, Penicillium griseofulvum, Scopulariopsis candida, Syncephalastrum racemosum, Talaromyces wortmanii, white sterile mycelia and yeast were not isolated from Petroleum oil Czapek agar media.
Sporulation also occurred on Czapek agar after 7 days' incubation at 37[degrees]C.