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cytosine arabinoside cytarabine.
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cy·to·sine (Cyt),

A pyrimidine found in nucleic acids.
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n. Abbr. C
A pyrimidine base, C4H5N3O, that is the constituent of DNA and RNA involved in base-pairing with guanine.
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(Cyt) (sī'tō-sēn)
A pyrimidine found in nucleic acids.
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A pyrimidine base, one of those forming the genetic code of DNA and RNA.
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Fig. 128 Cytosine . Molecular structure.

cytosine (C)

one of four types of nitrogenous bases found in DNA, having the single-ring structure of a class known as PYRIMIDINES. Cytosine forms part of a DNA unit called a NUCLEOTIDE and always forms complementary pairs with a DNA purine base called a GUANINE. Cytosine also occurs in RNA molecules.
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