cytochrome b

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cy·to·chrome b

A cytochrome of the respiratory chain. A deficiency of this cytochrome leads to chronic granulomatous disease.
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Table II.- Identified polymorphisms in cytochrome b gene of Axis porcinus.
The main objective of the study was to assess the genetic variations in mitochondrial cytochrome b gene, mitochondrial cytochrome c gene and mitochondrial d-loop region in Axis porcinus of Pakistan.
Polymorphisms were identified in cytochrome b, cytochrome c gene and d-loopregion (Table IV).
The Texas rats were matched for sex and size, and the cytochrome b gene was sequenced.
Genetic distances among mitochondrial cytochrome b gene sequences of rats from Florida and Texas were obtained by using the Kimura 2-parameter model (34) and were used to construct a neighbor-joining tree (35) that reflected phylogenetic relationships (data not shown).
Hans Zischler of the University of Munich in Germany had identified pieces of the cytochrome b gene in the human nuclear genome and suggested that these nuclear inserts had contaminated Woodward's analyses of the dinosaur bone.
Consistently, the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene of this isolate, determined by the methods similar to previous report except the PCR primers (mtPk-F:5'-AGGTATTATATTCTTTATACAAATATTAAC-3' and mtPk-R:5'-TCTTTTATAATGAACAAGTGTAAATAATC-3'), displayed perfect sequence identity with that of P.
The evolution of primate malaria parasites based on the gene encoding cytochrome b from the linear mitochondrial genome.
Because the copies of the cytochrome b sequence varied considerably, he wonders whether the DNA comes from several organisms.
But the cytochrome b fragments were too short to offer meaningful phylogenetic information, says Woodward.
The scientists also observed an increase in cytochrome b levels, which implies the interferon somehow boosted the genes coding for this critical protein.
they speculate that gamma interferon enhances cytochrome b and additional genes.