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Elie de, Russian physiologist, 1843-1912. See: Cyon nerve.
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The marketing manager of Mobile Communication Business Division confessed that the marketing people in charge of marketing Chocolate Phone had many concerns regarding adoption of the nickname Chocolate, because it was the first of the Cyon black label series to be adopted from the fashion industry's black label concept.
com/business-intelligence-software), today announced that Cyon Research has standardized on Tableau's interactive data visualization software for delivering research to its clients in an explorable form.
Cyon Research Corporation Vice President and Chief Visionary, engineering-automation consultant and prolific author Dr.
According to a November 2006 report, Cyon Research Corporation estimates that if a single platform such as JT were implemented as a standard data- transfer mechanism, automotive industry suppliers would benefit from savings in the range of $500 million to $800 million annually.
In fact, in a new article about the 3D Component Software Market being issued tomorrow in Cyon Research's CADCAMNet publication, the firm's vice president and Chief Visionary, Dr.
The 2006 panel of judges included industry experts and analysts from AMR Research, Manufacturing Insights, Gartner, Industry Directions, ARC Advisory Group and Cyon Research Corp.
Brad Holtz, President & CEO, Cyon Research "The cost of poor interoperability has been estimated at greater than the entire annual market capitalization of the CAD industry.
The judges for the 2005 Start/IBM T&B awards included: Simon Bragg, ARC Advisory Group, Julie Fraser, Industry Directions, Greg Gorbach, ARC Advisory Group, Simon Jacobson, AMR Research, Dan Miklovic, Gartner Group, Joel Orr, Cyon Research, and Alison Smith, AMR Research.