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cyl·in·der (cyl., C),

2. A cylindric or rodlike renal cast.
3. A cylindric metal container for gases stored under high pressure.
[G. kylindros, a roll]


/cyl·in·der/ (sil´in-der)
1. a solid body shaped like a column.cylin´drical

axis cylinder  axon (1).


a solid body having a circular transverse section. Exceptions include hollow gas cylinders, crossed cylinders used to measure astigmatism, and terminal cylinders of sensory nerve fibers.


(C) (sil'in-dĕr)
2. A cylindric or rodlike renal cast.
3. A cylindric metal container for gases stored under high pressure.
[G. kylindros, a roll]
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Continental's Emmanuel Davidson told us the new NiC3 cylinders are aimed at owners concerned about corrosion in engines that sit for even short periods of time.
The first cylinder I purchased, which I called cylinder #1, came in a red felt bag as originally provided by Ruger.
Our 30 years of experience producing cylinders which safely and efficiently store and transport alternative fuels has made us a trusted name in CNG cylinders.
We want to ensure the consumers get best value for their money, while at the same time implementing best safety standards for handling LPG cylinders," said Abdullah Al Muaini, Acting Director-General of Esma.
I contacted local supply personnel and was told that I needed to drill a hole in each of the cylinders so they could be turned into DLA Disposition Services (formerly known as the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office).
The report describes the safety related issues in SCBA cylinders which will always pose a challenge.
Depending on the concentration of such components, and the total pressure of the mix, they can be subject to partially condensing in the cylinder if they are subjected to cooler temperatures like 50[degrees]F during transport or storage.
The accused were using domestic LPG cylinders, bought illegally to fill smaller cylinders and sell these in the market," he added.
The P-Series cylinders have bearer discs on each end of the shaft.
The cylinders were first launched in Riyadh, followed by neighboring regions a few months later.
Nowhere in TM 9-2330-390-14&P, the TM for the M1022A1 dolly set, are instructions found about protecting the lift cylinders and the positioning cylinders-its hydraulic cylinders-from weather damage.
Studying flow around the cylinders is considered one of the most important classical and fluid mechanics issues.