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cyl·in·der (cyl., C),

2. A cylindric or rodlike renal cast.
3. A cylindric metal container for gases stored under high pressure.
[G. kylindros, a roll]
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(C) (sil'in-dĕr)
2. A cylindric or rodlike renal cast.
3. A cylindric metal container for gases stored under high pressure.
[G. kylindros, a roll]
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A mid-3rd millennium BC cylinder seal design shows a winged Inanna/Ishtar holding her Date Cluster and standing on a mountain range from behind which the sun-god Utu is rising.
Cylinder seal (and impression) with human-faced bison and lion-headed eagles, c.
According to the subject matter and style this cylinder seal can be dated to the Persian Period.
Fortunately, two recent events have lately brought cylinder seals to a wider audience.
The tables include a two-color regional map, several archaeological plans and sections, a tabular listing of the location of sealings in the Red House, and a chart showing the chronological distribution, between 700 and 590, of the numbers of cylinder seal rollouts, impressions of stamp seals, impressions of cylinder seals used as stamps, and nail impressions.
In fact, there was a burst of creativity at Uruk in the late 4th millennium BC, when the wagon, the plow, the cylinder seal, monumental architecture, the potter's wheel, and true writing were all invented.
Toyota said in a filing with Japan's transport ministry on Thursday that about 600,000 vehicles spanning 11 models including the high-end Crown sedan and Lexus IS and GS models were subject to the recalls, either for the faulty cylinder seal, the fuel pump wiring or both.
Another significant find was a haematite cylinder seal which Fischer is convinced is Cypriot as another one was found at Kition.
Standard features: Jacketed day tanks with electric agitators and level control, closed-loop metering-cylinder control, cylinder seal lubrication, process-monitoring system, mixhead hydraulic system, abrasive-use rates straight type mixhead; Allen-Bradley SLC 5/03 PLC with Panelview 600 operator interface, 100 pour-time settings, modem service support.
The particular long, almost oval, form of the rings may have developed in northern Syria as a hybrid of the more typical round Anatolian seal ring type with the Syro-Mesopotamian cylinder seal. Unattested in the oldest group of Westbau seals, it can have been introduced at the earliest in the reign of Mursili II or even the early thirteenth century.