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A closed ring hydrocarbon containing five carbon atoms, isomeric with pentene.
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Seven drugs have received approval for the treatment of Chronic HBV infection including interferon alpha, pegylated interferon-alpha and the nucleoside analogues (NUCs) which belong to one of the three structural groups L-Nucleosides (Lamivudine (LMV) and Telbuvidine (LDT)), Alkyl phosphates (Adefovir Dipivoxil (ADF) and Tenefovir Dipivoxil Fumarate(TDF) and D- Cyclopentanes (Entecavir (ETV) Telbuvidine (LDT) is a novel orally administered nucleoside analogue for the use in the treatment of chronic HBV infection.
Substituted cyclopentanes and cyclopentanones are frequently essential parts, starting materials, or intermediates for a number of bioactive compounds (for some recent examples see [1-3]).