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Drug slang A regional term for PCP
Natural disaster A large-scale closed circulation atmospheric system that develops above the Indian Ocean and South Pacific with low barometric pressure and strong winds—64+ knots/hr—that rotate clockwise
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They attributed cyclogenesis to the intrinsic instability of the hemispheric-spanning "polar front" upon which frontal cyclones develop as wavelike disturbances (Bjerknes and Solberg 1922).
5, both cyclones offered maximum efficiency at the inlet gas velocity of about 15 m/s.
One of the deadliest cyclones to ever hit Madagascar was Gafilo in 2004.
Until now, there has been no instrumentation on individual cyclones, making it very difficult to identify cyclones that are performing poorly and to quantify this effect on the grind-classification process.
Summary: Rain lashes southern Oman as cyclone moves towards coast
Frankie Fruge, President of Cyclone Power, stated, This is the result of our delivery of the S-2 to the US Army TARDEC two years ago and has now after, year-long negotiations, found its way back to the military through the worldwide organization FSDS.
OCHA has an emergency response team , based in Oman, coordinating the relief efforts for the two cyclones.
Tropical cyclones which affect the Arabian Peninsula form to the west of India and they usually occur at a very specific time of year.
This cyclone has been named by Sri Lanka, one of the eight countries on a World Meteorological panel that chooses the names of cyclones over the Northern Indian Ocean.
Vicente Malano, the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration's acting administrator, noted that for the past 10 years, the Philippines has experienced a number of extremely damaging tropical cyclones.
Across the globe, coastal communities are threatened by cyclones and storms.
The government weather bureau expects three to four tropical cyclones to hit the country in August.