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Drug slang A regional term for PCP
Natural disaster A large-scale closed circulation atmospheric system that develops above the Indian Ocean and South Pacific with low barometric pressure and strong winds—64+ knots/hr—that rotate clockwise
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The Cyclone rides on June 29 offer something for everyone, from professional riders to families out to enjoy the countryside.
At least 33 people were reported dead when the cyclone hit coast of south India near the former French colony of Puducherry, officials said.
A James Cook University and CSIRO Tropical Landscapes joint venture assessed the ecological impacts of Cyclone Larry, particularly on fragmented forests.
She said the information about the possible cyclone came from the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre, which is part of the UN's World Meteorological Centre.
The Cyclone product compliments the wide range of attachments that Stanley Hydraulic Tools offers, including mounted breakers, plate compactors and Labounty shears, concrete pulverizers, universal processors and grapples.
Over the years, several roller coasters patterned after the Cyclone have been built in the United States, Europe and Japan.
In fact, the maximum distance of most reefs in the region to the nearest cyclone from 1969-1997 was within 30 km (Figure 3).
Since Alabama's western boundary extends through Mississippi Sound, the same methodology was applied in that a tropical cyclone was considered to be in Alabama when it crossed t he state boundary line that extends through Mississippi Sound, as opposed to waiting till a storm center position was recorded over land.
Tropical cyclones shake up the upper ocean, he notes, while it's the deeper water--below 1,000 m--that's central to ocean circulation.
According to IG Markets strategist Evan Lucas, the worst-case scenario would be the cyclone hitting the pits and rail networks.
Most are cumbersome and difficult to use, some are converted data providers or brokers, all are very expensive, and none have the comprehensive modeling capabilities of the Cyclone platform," said Nicholas Donohoe, CFA, Cyclone's founder and CEO.
Cyclone Interchange uses a transparent, Java-based architecture to create seamless communications bridges between trading partners and supports a wide array of disparate security, communications and data protocols.