cyclic peptide

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cy·clic pep·tide

a peptide that forms a ring structure; for example, tyrocidin A, an antibiotic, is a cyclic decapeptide; valinomycin is a cyclic depsipeptide.
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Novel treatments including monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, and cyclic peptides are gaining penetration in developed markets.
The technology exploits CD36-targeting cyclic peptides and their capacity to impact the cell inflammasome and modify macrophages' metabolic dysfunction, resulting in outstanding anti-inflammatory response.
In this manuscript, we report on the design and synthesis of some new [C.sub.3]-symmetric tris-cyclometalated Ir complexes having cyclic peptides (Figure 2) [20-22], which had been reported to be able to bind DR5, for selective staining and induction of cell death of cancer cells.
The in vivo stability of CREKA is therefore much lower than that of the cyclic peptides.
Selsted, "Theta-defensins: cyclic peptides with endless potential," The Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.
Different types and structures of peptides including dipeptides, cyclic peptides, amphiphilic peptides, [alpha]-helical peptides, and [beta]-sheet peptides have been utilized to self-assemble into nanostructures.
The event also offers two pre-conference workshops focusing on the discovery, development and deployment of cyclic peptides, and exploring cell-penetrating peptides as a powerful new tool for cellular research.
Depsipeptides, a class of natural antimicrobial cyclic peptides, which include one or more ester (depside) bonds as part of their amide backbone, have been characterized in many natural environments and show a wide spectrum of biological activity.
Guyon, P Derreumaux, and P Tuffery, "PEP-FOLD: an updated de novo structure prediction server for both linear and disulfide bonded cyclic peptides," Nucleic Acids Research, vol.
Among the fifteen different peptides that were identified from the 28 determined peptide sequences, the cyclic peptides C-GLPWLST-C and C-GPAVYMK-C were found 13 and 2 times, respectively (Table 1).
Beginning with a comprehensive chapter outlining computational methods in peptide and protein design, it goes on to explore peptidomimetics, design of cyclic peptides, the role of carbohydrates in the process of design, and de novo methods.
HPLC of extracts of selected samples from Lake Ladoga revealed a rather high diversity of toxins, including hepatotoxic cyclic peptides (microcystins), enzyme inhibitors (cytoxins), and numerous unidentified substances (Table 2; Fig.

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