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Any premeditated, politically-motivated attack by sub-national groups or clandestine agents against information, computer systems, computer programs, and data which results in violence against non-combatant targets
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This Article argues that rather than rely on universal jurisdiction, the United States should justify the extension of extraterritoriality by using the protective principle of prescriptive jurisdiction for cyberterrorist attacks.
In a cyberwar, the main actors would no longer be mere "hacktivists" but cyberterrorists and state-sponsored hackers whose objective would be not just to deface websites and steal Facebook accounts, but to disrupt and compromise economic security.
(575) Graham suggests that responsibility for cyberterrorist attacks might be imputed to their host state when a cyberattack rises to the level of an "armed attack." (576) However, this is not a guaranteed solution either, since imputing responsibility for cyberattacks is often impossible.
This article discusses four contemporary threats posed to the Australian military and civilian electronic information infrastructure: 'cyber war' conducted by hostile states, 'cyber conflicts' by foreign combatants, attacks committed by 'cyberterrorists' and the commission of 'cybercrimes'.
To qualify as an act of terrorism, the act must be determined by a governmental official or governmental authority to be an act of "terrorism" or "cyberterrorism" or that it was performed by a "terrorist" or "cyberterrorist."
The chief baddie then launches his masterplan - getting his cyberterrorist minions to bring the country to a standstill by destroying the transport systems, making the stock market crash and taking out sources of power.
WHEN warnings about shortfalls in national security go unheeded, cyberterrorist Thomas Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant) punishes the US government's arrogance.
There is no evidence to indicate that cyberterrorist techniques have been used for serious destructive activity.
Die Hard 4.0 (15) Bruce Willis returns as John McClane to stop a cyberterrorist from shutting down America's technology.
Now completely bald but looking impressively fit and at least a decade younger than his age, Bruce is more than convincing as reluctant hero McClane who, in this latest outing, becomes embroiled in a cyberterrorist plot while facing a race against time to free his kidnapped daughter.
As chief villain, cyberterrorist Thomas Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant), puts it: "John, you're a Timex watch in a digital age."
Often leveraged as part of a Cyberterrorist or extortion attack, these dangerous, self-propagating worms not only paralyze Web sites and critical applications of intended victims, but also dramatically impact the service capacity and performance of the victim's carrier.