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The use of the Internet, email, or other electronic communications device to harass and threaten another person, who may, as a result of repeated threats and harassment, have a reasonable fear for his or her safety
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The VIDEO PROFESSOR Protect Yourself Online tutorial helps consumers guard themselves against phishing, cyberstalking, online harassment and identity theft.
Whitty's current research is well represented in the scientific literature and predominantly focuses on Internet relationships, emphasizing trust developed online, misrepresentation of the self online, availability of social support online, cyberflirting and cybersex, Internet infidelity, cyberstalking, and Internet privacy and surveillance issues in the workplace.
Five years ago, the term cyberstalking was unheard of.
Formed in 1995 by Curtis Sliwa, the founder of Guardian Angels, the all-volunteer program provides family online safety tips and offers help to victims of cyberstalking and online harassment, Internet education programs and teams of specially trained volunteers who patrol cyberspace for child pornography, fraud and online predators.
NEW YORK -- NEW YORK, April 17 /PRNewswire/ -- A trailblazing new study has found that cyberstalking -- stalking individuals via the Internet -- is increasing across America.
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In addition, users can help prevent others from snooping into their web use, stop "personal profiling" by web sites, ISPs, and advertisers, and prevent identity theft, credit card fraud, and cyberstalking.
KARACHI -- Growing instances of cyberstalking and exploitation, tampering, defamation, morphing, visual surveillance, and tracking via email in the country demand a pragmatic approach to contain the situation with equal care towards protection of the rights of genuine users of social media.
The judge told him: "This was a protracted campaign of cyberstalking.
Meanwhile, attacks on individuals range from identity theft, cyberstalking and hacking to steal valuable data, money or photographs.