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Georges L.C.F.D. de la, French scientist, 1769-1832. See: Cuvier ducts, Cuvier veins.
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Influencia del numero de dias de ayuno a la semana sobre el crecimiento, el indice de conversion y la supervivencia en el pulpo de roca (Octopus vulgaris Cuvier, 1797).
A new species of Globicornis Latreille in Cuvier (Coleoptera: Dermestidae: Megatominae) from Switzerland.
Being a follower of Cuvier, who objected to the idea of antediluvian man (Cuvier 1830: 135,142-43; Goulven 1989: 109-10), he perhaps did not associate it with the great antiquity of the site.
The Cuvier Whale is a migratory species native to both the Galapagos and the British Isles.
Georges Cuvier (1769- 1832) stressed that form follows function while Etienne Geoffrey St Hilaire (1772-1844) firmly believed that function followed form.
For example, Walters describes the positive intellectual and institutional influence of Buffon on the early evolutionary ornithologist Lamarck and the brilliant and "most odious of men", Cuvier, who publicly humiliated the older Lamarck in Lamarck's own lecture room.
Mating habits and life history of Amphiuma tridactylum Cuvier and effect of pituitary injections.
Georges Cuvier (1769-1832) held this view, and the introduction appropriately places the book in that historical context.
Baron] Cuvier 1798) Crab-eating-raccoon Coendou prehensilis (Linnaeus 1758) Porcupine Nasua nasua (Linnaeus 1766) Coati Lycalopex vetulus (Lund 1842) Brazilian-field-fox Myrmecophaga tridactyla (Linnaeus 1758) Giant-anteater Tamandua tetradactyla (Linnaeus 1758) Collared-anteater Dasypus novemcinctus (Linnaeus 1758) Common-armadillo Euphractus sexcintus (Linnaeus 1758) Yellow-armadillo Unidentified Cats Unidentified Prei Unidentified Armadillo Scientific Name N % Reptiles Iguana iguana (Linnaeus 1758) 1 0.
Probably not: the great anatomist Georges Cuvier should have been aware of such a project.
5 Percent Percent Taxonomic caught in caught in group EGM SA Selachimorpha (n = 20,242): Rhizoprionodon terraenovae, sharpnose shark 42 27 Galeocerdo cuvier, tiger shark 13 53 Carcharhinus limbatus, blacktip shark 74 22 Carcharhinus plumbeus, sandbar shark 31 36 Carcharhinus acronotus, blacknose shark 92 3 Ginglymostoma cirratum, nurse shark 71 28 Mustelis canis, smooth dogfish 15 4 Sphyrna lewini, scalloped hammerhead 64 29 Carcharhinus obscurus, dusky shark 37 10 Carcharhinus falciformis, silky shark 42 47 Carcharhinus leucas, bull shark 81 17 Carcharhinus brevipinna, spinner shark 84 3 Carcharias taurus, sand tiger shark 0 4 Sphyrna mokarran, great hammerhead 64 21 Negaprion brevirostris, lemon shark 70 30 Carcharhinus signatus, night shark 26 62 Carcharhinus sp.