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The cuvettes are square and are beveled on two sides so that there is no problem with aligning the cuvette correctly.
This was judged to be acceptable, as a similar volume of methanol (50 [micro]l) was also added to the control cuvettes to account for this solvent effect.
To reevaluate the reliability of the IFCC-recommended LD method in our laboratory with special regard to the reported high frequency of duplicate errors, we performed 140 LD duplicate measurements and studied the possible interferences from platelet contamination, cuvette and reagent probe/stirrer carryover effects, and different primary plasma tubes.
After the phototaxis assays were completed, the cuvettes with the algal suspensions were placed at 5[degrees]C in light or dark for 24 hours.
Part 1: Set the UV-VIS Spectrophotometer UV-VIS scanning with a thermostated cuvette holder, with a set of computer, printer, thermostat and a set of cuvettes, according to the description of the contract attached as Annex 1A to the Terms of Reference.
The systems features include: continuous operation, with access to samples, reagents and cuvettes at any time; STAT samples introduced at any time, in any position; barcoded reagents for safe and fully automated materials management; and onboard QC package.
Last month it was granted a patent for its cuvettes in the US.
1010 specs and are suitable for USP Class VI uses in containers and diagnostic accessories, such as cuvettes, test packs and rotors, and crystallography trays.
By contrast, the HemoCue system (2,3) uses disposable cuvettes preloaded with dry reagents that first hemolyze the sample to eliminate light scattering and then convert the various hemoglobin types into a single species (azide-methemoglobin) so that the total hemoglobin concentration can be measured by the optical absorbance at a single wavelength.
The new range offers updated electronics, a brighter, larger LED display, and an innovative count-down timer function with audible alarm, ensuring timely and precise heating of test-tubes, micro-centrifuge tubes, cuvettes, microlitre-plates and more.
At the end of the year, EKF received a further order from the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS) - the Mexican Institute of Social Security - for cuvettes for the HemoPoint H2.
Many labs have already benefitted from the warm customer service and the lightning fast shipping of their cuvettes.