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, cuvette (kū-vet'),
A small container or cup in which solutions are placed for photometric analysis.
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The emission spectra were acquired on Cary Eclipse/Varian Fluorimeter by using quartz cuvets (3 mL) containing solution of the ligand or complex in a 5.0 X [10.sup.-5] M.
It measures temperature in soil, cuvets, test tubes, food products, incubators, petroleum hydrocarbons, and virtually all lab tests.
Control Company's new Traceable[R] Long-Stem Thermometer is the perfect size to fit into flasks, cuvets, test tubes, and beakers.
On the other hand, some citations describe the analytical steps in a very detailed fashion--including the technique of washing cuvets. Of particular interest is the in-depth discussion of small, dense LDL particles--their clinical significance and analysis.
Some of the newer analyzers use continuously washed reusable cuvets rather than disposable ones.
Uses include wiping cuvets and microscopes, cleaning cameras, and drying delicate glassware, syringes, pipettes and pH electrodes.