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A homeopathic remedy formulated from the cuttlefish, a soft mollusk native to the Mediterranean Sea; it is used primarily for female disorders, such as premenstrual syndrome, physical and emotional changes during pregnancy, prolapsed uterus and pain with sexual intercourse. Sepia is also used for abdominal bloating, violent coughing, fatty food-related indigestion, genital herpes, hair loss, headaches, itching, increased sweating, “liver spots” on skin, low back pain, motion sickness, sinusitis, varicose veins and vertigo.


Computer software in the UK used to maintain data about care performance.


a member of the Cephalopoda family of molluscs with a bony structure (gladius) internally. This boatlike structure is a common finding at the sea's edge and is much used as a dietary supplement and plaything for caged birds.