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Capable of or designed for incising, shearing, or severing: a cutting tool.
1. The editing of film or recording tape.
2. Self-injury in which cuts are made in the skin.

cut′ting·ly adv.
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a method of artificial propagation of plants (e.g. Begonia, Geranium) where a small stem, usually with attached leaves, is removed at a node, often with a ‘heel’ exposing the cambium, from the parent plant and placed in water or moist sand. Once ADVENTITIOUS (1) roots have developed from the exposed cambial cells, the cuttings are transferred to soil.
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Patient discussion about cutting

Q. can he simply cut down? When a problem drinker take effort to stop his habit, can he simply cut down?

A. It can be appreciated if he is not toooooo late. So it depends. If that person has been diagnosed as an alcoholic, the answer is "no." Alcoholics who try to cut down on drinking rarely succeed. Cutting out alcohol--that is, abstaining - is usually the best course for recovery. People who are not alcohol dependent but who have experienced alcohol-related problems may be able to limit the amount they drink. If they can't stay within those limits, they need to stop drinking altogether.


A. are you sure you are allergic to that? cause it's important to be specific. the more specific you are the better is to treat it. is it from the grass pollen? is it from a material inside the grass? that sort of things. the best treatment is avoidance. the others..well, look for yourself, no magic solutions here:

i am allergic to peanuts, no peanut butter jelly time for me...
good luck

Q. Why do alcoholic people always failed to realize that cutting with the drinks is out of their capabilities after they are beyond the tipping point of just drinking bears and having fun to the point of being addictive to it ... i mean i see it all the time .. what cause this incapability of facing the truth ?

A. DENIAL that they have a problem,most addicts that have accepted the fact that they are powerless over there addition -donot have to think twice about it--very simply put an addict/alcoholic is a man/womam whose life is controlled by drugs/alcohol--they are people in the grip of a continuing and progressive illness whose ends are always thesame--jails/institutions and death.---accepting this is very hard for most people---people cant believe that they donot have control of ther life----all they have to do is find a AA/NA meeting an sit in as a guest,listen to ther storys---mrfoot56

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