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A hand-held Geiger-Müller radioactivity detector that measures α and β radiation energetic enough to pass through a mica window
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Cutie-pie actor Robbie (last seen on AMC's Gay Hollywood) takes over for Carson and Kyan as "the Look" expert; interior designer Damon, who could be Thom's fraternal twin, rethinks "the Locale"; bald, bossy Brit Danny fuses Jai's and Ted's realms into "the Life.
TEENAGER Berke, Ben Foster, is devastated when his pretty girlfriend Allison, Sage Miller, dumps him to start dating boyband cutie-pie Striker, played by Shane West.
With his "superpowers", he's a sidekick to cutie-pie kiddie star of the show Penny (Miley Cyrus), playing a crucial role in her weekly attempts to escape the clutches of archetypal baddie Dr Calico and his henchmen.
THE GIRL NEXT DOOR: Straight-arrow teen falls for a cutie-pie only to discover she's a porn star.
For reality TV junkies, there are the heretofore unseen adventures of gay Irish cutie-pie Simon on The Real World You Never Saw: Paris (Paramount Home Video, $19.
What makes it hard to sort out the good apples from the rotten ones is that whole cutie-pie, butterflies-in-the-tummy thing.
The morning after being asked by colleague Oliver Platt to take a look at violent yet now virtually catatonic mental patient Brittany Murphy, brilliant (obviously) child therapist Michael Douglas wakes up to find his eightyear-old cutie-pie daughter's been snatched from their apartment.
Give your make-up bag the boot and join the colour revolution with these cutie-pie kits from M&S.
His battles have been both personal and professional, including a cocaine addiction he tackled a decade ago and a high-profile break-up with cutie-pie star wife Meg Ryan.
The ``American Pie'' cutie-pie strutted her stuff in a red satin dress at the ``Wear Aware'' no-fur fashion show fund-raiser for her pet cause, Animal Avengers.
Cutie-pie had better perfect his backstroke because this girl will go to any length--maybe even murder--to trap her guy.
The latest fashion ranges to hit the shops take their inspiration from baseball and basketball with a hint of cutie-pie preppie style thrown in.