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A hand-held Geiger-Müller radioactivity detector that measures α and β radiation energetic enough to pass through a mica window
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King and Clapton, so no surprise that the latest from this cutie-pie guitar wunderkind fuses his Grammy Award-winning pop chops with legit blues influences.
They steadfastly ignored the cutie-pie overtures of the pop image makers.
Take these cutie-pie SUVs around a corner any faster than 30 and they'd spill their contents faster than a stomach of Arby's and Southern Comfort.
But the cutie-pie happens to cause a lot of damage with his lies and deceptions, his unwillingness to grow up and let go of a self that at the deepest level of his consciousness, he knows is as atrophied as a rotting corpse.
It's a Temple of Tack with its fair share of cutie-pie child cherubs and angels.
These include a cutie-pie Ugly American (Paul Thrussell), a sophisticated artist (Viktor Plotnikov) who falls in love with a French woman (Larissa Ponomarenko), and a woman in chic black (Nadia Thompson) accessorized with a cell phone.
This philosophy even infects contemporary Christianity; a typical Christian bookstore promotes titles such as Jesus Wants You Thin along with tapes on inflating one's self-esteem, cutie-pie art and polka music about being happy all the time.
The endless lists of Great Thinkers or Historic Moments; the cutie-pie style of displaying knowledge (as in "the troublesome pen of Karl Marx"); the author's capacity to contradict his own arguments, sometimes on the very same page; and best of all, the huge joke in the spoof author's note, solemnly recording that he had been given "the George Orwell Award for Clarity in Language by the National Council of Teachers of English"--for a moment, it was so obvious.
But cutie-pie Audrey Tautou ("Amelie") doesn't send off enough heat here to inspire a man to launch a paper airplane.
24, compiled by Southern cutie-pie Diplo (producer of M.
OCTOBER Lola sees the following events in your near future: A money-making opportunity, a test-your-friendship dilemma and a cutie-pie crush.
His battles have been both personal and professional,including a cocaine addiction he tackled a decade ago and a high- profile break -up with cutie-pie star wife Meg Ryan, who reputedly helped him to kick the drug.