cut throat

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cut throat

Laceration of the throat. The seriousness of the injury depends on the angle of thrust of the cutting object, the location of the injury, and the amount of tissue damage.

Patient care

The patient should be transported to the nearest trauma center for evaluation. If there is evidence of bleeding into the airway, the patient should be positioned so that blood is not aspirated. Suction devices should be available at the bedside. If the trachea is severed, it should be kept open and free of clots. Bleeding sites should be compressed until definitive therapy is available. Vital signs and cardiac rhythms should be continuously monitored. For patients who cannot protect their airways, intubation and mechanical ventilation are required.

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A study done in western Nigeria found that 53%-60% of the individuals presenting with cut throat injury were suicidal attempts and all had a history of psychiatric illness7,8.
Suicidal cut throat injury, though rare in our country, requires close collaboration of a multidisciplinary team.
(15) When suicidal cut throat injuries occur, a multidisciplinary approach is required in the effective management of victims.
CONCLUSION: Nowadays cut throat injuries are increasingly being managed by ENT surgeons.
CASE REPORT: A 40 year old male was brought to emergency unit with self-inflected cut throat using a shaving razor blade at Hassan institute of medical sciences.
DISCUSSION: Cut throat injuries pose a great challenge because, multiple vital structures are vulnerable to injuries in the small confined unprotected area.
Iain Colquhoun had seven from the dam and Bill Davison caught the best fish of the week - a lovely 10lb rainbow - from the top of the woodside on a cut throat cat.
In case of cut throat injury there is high chance of injury to the vital structures that may leads to profuse hemorrhage from injured major blood vessels, air embolism and airway obstruction.
"We will cut throats, and from vein to vein, if needed to protect the spirit and morals of this nation," the shadowy group said in a statement emailed to news agencies on Friday.