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Acronym for cumulative sum of a series of measurements; British usage primarily.


cumulative sum; sum of the data so far, updated as each item is collected.
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This week was compared to the alert date for the CUSUM models.
Compared to the results of EARS obtained over a test period of a few months, the CUSUM models performed better in terms of both sensitivity and specificity for all diseases except giardiasis (see Table 2).
Because of its original intent, CUSUM analysis assesses each surgeon on an individual basis and compares that surgeon to an objective benchmark, enabling it to take individual variances in surgeon attributes into account.
CUSUM analysis is a useful tool for surgical quality monitoring
Observese que las propuestas de EWMA de Transformacion logaritmica y CUSUM HV presentan la mayor sensibilidad a los cambios pequenos de la medida de variabilidad.
Los resultados obtenidos en este trabajo indican que la Carta CUSUM HV en el monitoreo de la dispersion es considerablemente mas sensible al incremento de la dispersion que los esquemas tradicionales R y S.
Since CUSUM detection works based on comparing the CUSUM score with a threshold, if setting the threshold of CUSUM below 60, all three cases will be detected as faulty.
The CUSUM scores for these two cases can be seen in Fig.
Examples of the CUSUM chart are shown in Figures 1 and 2 with the corresponding X-charts for the two mills.
The CUSUM statistic, a measure of how much higher a current observation is than a reference baseline, compares each day's volume with a short-term historic baseline (7-10-day moving average as used in the CDC model) (6).
The overall specificity for the seasonally adjusted CUSUM, historical limits, C1, C2, and C3 were 88.
To explore performance robustness under various conditions, we selected a reasonable range of values for the control parameters for CUSUM (0.