Cushing, Harvey Williams

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Harvey Williams, U.S. neurosurgeon, 1869-1939.
Cushing basophilism - Synonym(s): Cushing syndrome
Cushing bone rongeur
Cushing brain depressor
Cushing brain forceps
Cushing brain spatula
Cushing cranial bur
Cushing cranial rongeur forceps
Cushing disease - adrenal hyperplasia (Cushing syndrome) caused by an ACTH-secreting basophil adenoma of the pituitary. Synonym(s): Cushing pituitary basophilism
Cushing dressing forceps
Cushing dural hook
Cushing dural hook knife
Cushing effect - Synonym(s): Cushing phenomenon
Cushing Gigli-saw guide
Cushing nerve retractor
Cushing perforator
Cushing perforator drill
Cushing periosteal elevator
Cushing phenomenon - a rise in systemic blood pressure when the intracranial pressure acutely increases. Synonym(s): Cushing effect; Cushing response
Cushing pituitary basophilism - Synonym(s): Cushing disease
Cushing response - Synonym(s): Cushing phenomenon
Cushing self-retaining retractor
Cushing straight retractor
Cushing syndrome - a disorder resulting from increased adrenocortical secretion of cortisol. Synonym(s): adrenalism; Cushing basophilism; Gallais syndrome; Itsenko-Cushing syndrome
Cushing syndrome medicamentosus - a variable number of the signs and symptoms of Cushing syndrome.
Cushing ulcer
Itsenko-Cushing syndrome - Synonym(s): Cushing syndrome
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