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Chinese medicine
A parasitic growth on plants, the seeds of which are tonic, nutritive and general stimulants. Dodder is used to strengthen the musculoskeletal system, retard ageing and improve vision, and it has been used for impotence, premature ejaculation, urinary frequency and incontinence, diarrhoea, low back pain, pre-senile dementia, prostate problem, threatened abortion, tinnitus, vertigo and blurred vision.

Herbal medicine
European dodder has been used by Western herbalists as a laxative and for renal and hepatic disease.
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The Salvadoraceae can still be found in the Celastrales, the Columelliaceae in the Hydrangeales (suborder Escalloniineae), the Convolvulaceae and Cuscutaceae in the Convolvulales, and, finally, the Buddlejaceae and Retziaceae he placed in the Scrophulariales .The authors have also not had access to Young and Seigler (1981) and have used an account of their system given by Goldberg (1986).
The Convolvulaceae (including Cuscutaceae as the tribe Cuscuteae) was included in the Polemoniales.
Cuscutaceae AlokLota 30 Cyathea brunoniana Cyatheaceae Ponkhiraj (Wall.) Clarke & Baker 31 Cycas pectinata Cycadaceae Moniraj Buch.-Ham.