Curvilinear Profile

A typical finding in Farber’s disease, a glycosphingolipidosis, consisting of comma-shaped tubular rods within vacuoles of histiocytes, seen by EM
DiffDx Cytoplasmic inclusions in peripheral lymphocytes, skin fibroblasts in juvenile lipofuscinosis—Batten-Mayou-Spielmeyer-Vogt disease—amaurotic familial idiocy, Batten’s disease, Kufs disease, Jansky-Bielschowsky syndrome, Spielmeyer-Vogt disease
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Abstract: Continuation of previous research works (Grzesiak & Krolikowski 2005 and 2006) concerning inaccuracy of curvilinear profiles milling with a flexible cutting tool is presented in paper.
Abstract: Presented experiments concern prediction of machining deviation values of curvilinear profiles, as a dependant on milling parameters.
Graceful curvilinear profiles characterize both Korean and Zuni pottery shapes, but Zuni vessels show more stylistic affinity among each other and have less well-defined part--such as a mouth without a lip--than Korean vessels.