concave mirror

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con·cave mir·ror

a spheric reflecting surface that constitutes a segment of the interior of a sphere.
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The subtly curved mirror was invented by Drexel University mathematics professor Dr.
Often used in aeronautical, engineering to photograph air flow, the process involves a small, bright light source, precisely placed tenses, a curved mirror, and a razor blade to partially block the light.
Everything in my field of vision wavered and was distorted as if seen in a curved mirror," he said.
Bonus: Predict what happens to reflected rays when they bounce off of a "curved mirror. Draw your predictions for each incoming ray of light to the right.
This interaction is interpreted: When the apexes of isosceles triangles were placed to the observer of to depth, the mean PSE was smallest for the plane mirror but it increased for the moderately curved mirror and again decreased for the largely curved mirror, whereas when the apexes of triangles were directed to left or to right, the mean PSE for the convex mirrors were smaller than that for the plane mirror.
The full spectrum beam of synchrotron light is segmented into portions of the electromagnetic spectrum by equipment such as monochromators, then focused with specially curved mirror systems.
This is incident on a curved mirror, set at grazing incidence, which collimates the beam in the vertical sense.
NASA realizes the curved mirror that's used to gather light for the telescope is too flat--by 1/50 of a human hair.
The auditorium can act like a curved mirror, concentrating sound in isolated pockets.
Meeting again the young ladies, now all married, inevitably leads to a searching look at their lives (and his own) in a curved mirror of fifteen years of absence.
It looks much like a curved mirror that you'll see on the wall near the exit of a parking garage that lets motorists see around a corner.
It is a parabolic curved mirror which provides the rider with an extended view of the areas alongside and behind him.