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Arthur H., U.S. gynecologist, 1881-1955. See: Fitz-Hugh and Curtis syndrome.
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Curtiss will be on hand this Friday, 6/20 at The Drive's free 13th Birthday Party for its loyal listeners, who will be enjoying the rock n' stylings of Peter Frampton and Cheap Trick.
Accompanying the central theme of Curtiss's overall contribution to aviation are several secondary themes, one of which examines the strong partnership between Curtiss and the US Navy: "Early on, advocates of aviation in the Navy, chief among them Capt.
Charles Chapman said the car was heading south down a hill on Curtiss Street, like the two other cars that ended up on their property in the past year.
Among the heroes are Eugene Ely, a Curtiss test pilot, who made the first-ever takeoff from, and landing on, an anchored Navy ship in 1910.
An attenuated Salmonella vaccine against pneumonia, developed in the Curtiss lab, is currently in FDA phase 1 clinical trials.
You can follow the Curtiss Pusher's journey through various events celebrating the Centennial of Naval Aviation at elycurtisspusher.
This biography is somewhat difficult to read, with cumbersome, stodgy style that does not help the reader get through the dates and numbers that drag down the narrative in the overlong chapters describing the very early years of powered flight and the growing contest between Curtiss and the Wrights brothers.
Alabama) offers a biography of pioneer aviator and aircraft designer, Curtiss (1878-1930), focusing on his efforts from 1910 to design planes that could be used in naval warfare.
Drafted right after graduation in 1943, Ray was assigned to the Curtiss as soon as he completed navy basic training.
Penny Curtiss Bakery has been a part of central New York for over four decades.
Neil Curtiss, aged 47, was killed instantly when the 60-feet oak tree fell on his pick-up truck in Old Warwick Road, Lapworth, at around 8.
Neil Curtiss, 47, was killed when the tree hit his Isuzu pick-up in Old Warwick Road, Lapworth, on Monday.