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Arthur H., U.S. gynecologist, 1881-1955. See: Fitz-Hugh and Curtis syndrome.
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One netizen (@magzymeng) commented on Curtis' post that she should stop singing, adding that singing is not for her.
Curtis, from Stoke, said: "The attack was disgusting but I think to myself that if it had never happened, perhaps I wouldn't have been noticed and been where I am today.
Curtis confirmed last month that he would be joining the BBC hit for its second season, as the receptionist.
One fan took to Twitter : "Going by last night's show Curtis & Maura seem to be fighting a lot, that we aren't been showing."
"When I watched the moment when Curtis told her how he felt, I couldn't stop crying because of all the emotion.
But Amy, who confessed her love for Curtis before leaving, insists she has no hard feelings towards the dancer.
James A Curtis, his father, was born in 1900 in Wednesbury.
A statement on behalf of the Pritchard family said: "AJ and Curtis were assaulted whilst on a night out with two friends on December 27 in an unprovoked attack in Nantwich.
During her GMA stint and in her early movies, Curtis wasn't exactly an immediate sensation or a critics' darling.
In her opening speech, museum's director Shirin Melikova stressed that the exposition includes more than 50 photographs of the American photographer Edward Curtis. She noted that the exhibition guests can see wonderful shots about the life of North American Indians and learn more about their way of life, culture, rituals, ritual dances, etc.