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Arthur H., U.S. gynecologist, 1881-1955. See: Fitz-Hugh and Curtis syndrome.
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It was a golden era for Hollywood acting, and Tony Curtis never got the accolades that went to contemporaries like Paul Newman and Steve McQueen.
Curtis Lumbers had more than 80 of its customers spend more than $100,000 on LP SmartSide products.
It also helps the district quickly analyze benchmark data to determine whether a school is on track to meet state and federal performance targets, adds Curtis.
Curtis was also present when Spielberg resigned from the national advisory board of the Boy Scouts of America to protest the organization's discriminatory policies toward gays.
For more information, visit the Curtis Institute of Music website at www.
I think the most attractive quality of music is actually hearing the music being performed," declares Curtis.
The G-force is probably seven to eight at that speed, which nails you to your seat and produces an incredible sensation," Curtis says, confessing that he didn't exactly adore the rolls.
These frames periodically filled up as Curtis placed various scenes inside them.
It was between 1801 and 1870, Curtis argues, that Catholic contributions to French schooling were most significant.
Later she auditioned at Curtis, was accepted immediately--and got the teacher of her choice, an extraordinary musician named Jascha Brodsky.
The two men had sealed a back-door deal that shames football and casts a shadow over Jermaine's pounds 2million signing for Arsenal last week, clinched by their official "intermediary" Curtis.
Tony Curtis put his bad days behind him when he wed for the fifth time to a woman 45 years his junior.