Curl Bar

Body-building A cambered barbell designed for more comfortable weight lifting
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Having used dumbbells, EZ curl bar, rowing machine and a few more, I can say I have found my favourite.
An oversize flesh-pink wrestling mat spilled out across the floor of the first gallery, a vast homogenous expanse differentiated only by a couple of strange shapes, which somehow looked like both testicles and handles, emerging from one side; a disconcerting, medical-looking contraption, incorporating socks, glass tubing, and an Olympic curl bar fabricated from petroleum jelly hung from the ceiling.
She has a curl bar in the basement, but doesn't need to work out with weights.
Rachel McLish, the first Miss Olympia, is just left of center holding a French curl bar, her biceps and "pecs" swollen with tension, her hair windblown, and her body glistening with oil.
Grip the curl bar palms up with an "inside grip," keeping your hands inside teh width of your shoulders.
GHD hair straighteners, Hot Tools curl bars and skin and hair care products were among the items believed to have been stolen in the raid.