Curated Database

Any database developed, edited or pared by one or more persons with domain expertise who add value to the final product
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Based on an extensive and carefully curated database of places and events in 300 cities in 70 countries, it provides a unique help to find what's hidden in a city.
com)-- FlixAcademy, the Ed-Tech startup that is building a curated database of educational movies and videos, is a winner of the Verizon Apps For Class Challenge.
Thus, identical results could be achieved by simply using an (automated) Best Match approach that is set up to identify sequences from Select Agents and sequences in a curated database.
Reactome [20], on the other hand, is a curated database of biological processes in humans.
We also compared mitochondrial sequence diversity in the Malagasy with a manually curated database of 19,371 hypervariable segment I sequences, incorporating both published and unpublished data.
The company will participate in the project in a consortium with the Institute of Pathology at Hannover Medical School (MHH), which will conduct clinical and lab validations, and international bioinformatics company Biobase that will create a curated database of knowledge on lung cancer variants, Cartagenia said in a statement.
The gene panels are integrated with QIAGEN s industry-leading bioinformatics software, IngenuityA Variant AnalysisTM, an extensive, curated database of gene variants and clinical data that enables interpretation of NGS results and delivers valuable insights from sequencing data.
Ask and Knowledge Graph have fundamentally different mechanisms: Ask's enhanced results are generated automatically, but those in Knowledge Graph work from a large curated database.
Developing a comprehensive, curated database will serve as a valuable reference to evaluate and assess HTS-based diagnostic devices.
Qiagen believes that the acquisition of Ingenuity will notably expand and underpin its curated database, as well as will add biological interpretation resources to its ecosystem of sample-to-result molecular testing solutions.
In addition, the company's sequencing data will be uploaded real-time to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) curated database, thereby enhancing the database's power for source tracking queries.