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 [ku´pu-lah] (pl. cu´pulae) (L.)
a small, inverted cup or dome-shaped cap over a structure.
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, pl.


(kū'pū-lă, kū'pū-lă), [TA]
A cup-shaped or domelike structure.
Synonym(s): cupola
[L. dim. of cupa, a tub]
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(kŭp'ū-lă) [TA]
A cup-shaped or domelike structure.
Synonym(s): cupola.
[L. dim. of cupa, a tub]
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There are SIC sectors, such as ductile iron pipe and high production automotive/industrial/municipal foundries, where cupolas are the mainstay.
To date, he's collected 55 cupolas weighing from 5 to 500 pounds.
The 34-unit gem, formerly the 1897 Merchant Bank Building, in the Ladies' Mile Historic District retains its classic beaux arts faoade, terra cotta detailing, and distinctive cupola.
LEOMINSTER - The cupola that topped City Hall and was sent out for repairs was delivered to the building on Tuesday, but it still has not been put back in place.
Petersburg yesterday, bringing down the main cupola on top of the stately church in Russia's former Imperial capital.
The central dome collapsed and one of four smaller cupolas surrounding it - painted a striking light blue and spangled with gold stars - was also destroyed.
But Richard, who lives in Albany, Minn., collects barn cupolas, and when he heard of a three-cupola deal just 60 miles away, he jumped on it.
WITH A FOUNTAIN, CUPOLAS, AND OTHER AESTHETIC features, a 32,500-square-foot plaza serves as a campus centerpiece while alleviating a parking crunch for this Hyde Park, N.Y., college.
Majestically they rise up on the small island of Kizhi; an architectural ensemble of timber churches gracefully crowned by an array of cupolas, adorned with aspen shingles.
Neodesha Plastics announces the availability of "cupolas that will never need to be painted." Covered by a brightly colored layer of weather-resistant Luran S ASA from BASF, the new cupolas are not only weather resistant, but resistant also to fading, chipping, and cracking with prolonged exposure to sunlight.
Old or new, most of the cupolas I saw had some peeling paint or rotting wood.
One example of how architectural design quality was maintained while reducing costs was the approach to the five cupolas which sit atop the new facility.