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in Roman mythology, the god of love.
arch of Cupid
Cupid bow
Cupid bow peak
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All smiles Sheena Cairns (left) and Ema Puddle from Bridge of Allan with the Valentine's phone box cupids
Already advised Cupids Arrow 6pts win at 10-1 Sinatra Princess 4pts win at 16-1
Archaeologist Bill Gilbert begins preliminary excavations at Cupids.
Cupids said it had a two-year noncompete agreement with Adam Longstreth, who was the general manager, Stephanie Frakes, who worked in corporate accounting and human resources, and Dustin Bean, a store manager.
10 -- 11) Designer Adrienne Morea added an old-fashioned footed tub, left, and baroque-themed towel bars with little Cupids on the ends, above, to her upstairs bathroom.
The result of Tinkle's exhaustive search is amply evident in the dizzying array of Venuses and Cupids who emerge from the pages of her book.
Cupid may not deliver a beau in time for Valentine's Day, but why not fall for a great book instead?
Thanks to Musicland and an off-color cupid, the truth is out with the launch of CrankyCupid.
Not only will you dine and dance at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion with costumed characters such as Cupid, but you'll be entertained by cabaret singer Bobby Short and mezzo soprano Frederica von Stade.
Modern-day Cupids simply visit the TimeDance Web site at www.
Kertz personally owns seven patents, and through NMG has applied for a patent on the internet marketing program used by Cupids Web.