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in Roman mythology, the god of love.
arch of Cupid
Cupid bow
Cupid bow peak
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Future books incorporate other web-based elements--a website on dreams for Cupid's Arrow, for example, and more You Tube clips, ostensibly created by my main character, for the one I'm currently writing, Bright Angel.
At the same time, the visual image of the beloved can terrorize the lover through his own eyes, which the imago penetrates like Cupid's arrow to wound the heart, soul or mind.
With Cupid's arrow reaching farther than ever, McCormick handpicked special recipes and compiled a matrix of baked treats perfect for your spouse, best friend, co-workers or anyone close to your heart.
Meanwhile, schoolboy Corry Laverty, 13, from Glenmavis was helping Cupid's arrow along and showing some brotherly love after picking up a giant teddy bear on behalf of his big brother, Aiden.
If you're heart has been pierced by Cupid's arrow and you're interested in rehoming Valentine, contact Dogs Trust on 0300 303 0292 or visit the Dogs Trust website.
Love was also in the air at Dublin Airport, where Aer Lingus marked the day by setting up a kissing booth for travellers struck by Cupid's arrow as they passed through.
VALEV NTINE'S Day was hours away and Cupid's arrow left its mark.
The 35-year-old - King of Inkland King Body Art the Extreme Ink-ite - has lined up a liaison for tomorrow night - but admitted he would splash out on another tattoo if cupid's arrow failed to strike.
Well-targeted Cupid's arrow aimed at watering the green shoots of instant attraction and hoping they'd blossom in 48 hours, ready for a Valentine's Day display of lurve.
This feature tournament is being played on the hearts and chocolate themed slot game Cupid's Arrow.
When he saw the Veronese, which depicts a playful moment between Venus and her son, he was struck by Cupid's arrow, and he sang its praises.
24 HOURS IN A&E Channel 4, 9pm Valentine's Day is a time when Cupid's arrow strikes and people feel the warm, fuzzy glow of love.