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in Roman mythology, the god of love.
arch of Cupid
Cupid bow
Cupid bow peak
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Future books incorporate other web-based elements--a website on dreams for Cupid's Arrow, for example, and more You Tube clips, ostensibly created by my main character, for the one I'm currently writing, Bright Angel.
At the same time, the visual image of the beloved can terrorize the lover through his own eyes, which the imago penetrates like Cupid's arrow to wound the heart, soul or mind.
Speculation about the Orkney Christian's love life has been rife ever since he left the house pounds 70,000 richer in the summer, but despite dates with fellow BB housemate Steph and Cam's pleas for a potential bride to make herself known to him, Cupid's arrow has yet to hit.
Who knows, love may be as simple as Cupid's arrow piercing two hearts.
Television commercials and newspaper ads have generally described Emma as a comedy about Cupid's arrow going astray.
With Cupid's arrow reaching farther than ever, McCormick handpicked special recipes and compiled a matrix of baked treats perfect for your spouse, best friend, co-workers or anyone close to your heart.
When he saw the Veronese, which depicts a playful moment between Venus and her son, he was struck by Cupid's arrow, and he sang its praises.
THE INCURABLE UNROMANTIC Hubby always dreaded the celebration of Cupid's arrow It always seemed his definition of love was too narrow Didn't send her red roses, promises through thick and thin After all, it was more than enough being married to him But he knew this seemed like arrogant and upset the wife So he went down the local to seek some friendly advice "Just book a lovely table for two, with dimmed light You will find it brings you the most romantic of nights.
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, Cupid's arrow is taking aim and headed directly for Europa Casino, where all new players are invited to feel the special casino love with 1,000 free spins on their first deposit
BLUE OCEANS Blue oceans mirror the sky Mirror the complexity Of a life gone by It's a story we've heard before Boy meets girl The simplicity of love's law Cupid's arrow pierces the heart Injected with pleasurable pain That only Venus' tears can heal Oh my beloved; How your eyes are those oceansas deeply blue, You are calm waters -with a storm within, The tears you cry - a tempest.
I don't think it was me with my Cupid's arrow," RadarOline quoted him as telling the UK's Daily Mirror.
UNSUSPECTING Brummies could be hit by Cupid's arrow as they browse through works of art.