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in Roman mythology, the god of love.
arch of Cupid
Cupid bow
Cupid bow peak
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All smiles Sheena Cairns (left) and Ema Puddle from Bridge of Allan with the Valentine's phone box cupids
Since implementing SDL technology, Cupid Media has seen a number of positive results, enabling it to increase the volume of accurate translations, particularly for unstructured user-generated content.
The dose of SERCA2a delivered in CUPID 2 contained fewer empty shells than the dose in CUPID 1.
Groundbreaking: DrWilliam Jonathan Ryves, Cupid Peptides, and Jill Gorin, Business in Focus, with a screen picture of cells of fluorescent Cupid protein
Cupid sold its casual dating businesses to Grendall Investments in July in a PS45.
To make the tiny Cupid, physics students at Brigham Young University (BYU) first created the bow-wielding cherub shape with microscopic iron beads, Discovery News reported.
Everyone was rushing about doing their thing but Mr Blair and I had nothing to do so we both watched Cupid, who was being told to look straight at the camera.
David Welsh and his wife, owners of the company, said Cupid began operating in Nicaragua in 1995 and has continued to grow;
And is it not surprising that the Pilgrim leaves on a quest for a nobler love to flee Cupid (or Eros in Greek), but finds this superior love in Cupid's own home?
The Cupid Company: Perfect Match by Amber Aitken, pounds 5.
Cleveland is the first force in the North-east to enable all officers to report crime from their handheld Cupid devices.
So when Coral is given the key to an old beach hut by her grandmother, she unlocks a whole new idea--the Cupid Company.